All the energy and excitement of Foreigner!

With sales of more than 80 million albums, including 39 singles, 14 Top 20 hits and 4 gold records, FOREIGNER is one of the best-loved musical acts of all time.

Their instantly-recognizable hits are loved by fans of all ages, and all walks of life. From their debut, Feels Like The First Time to the chart-topping smash, I Wanna Know What Love Is, Foreigner never fails to rock the house!

Since 2012,  4NR2 has been rockin’ the southeast with the best of the best of Foreigner, with passion and not a little reverence for one of the world’s greatest rock bands.

For the past several years, 4NR2 has been fortunate enough to have been a featured act at the Daytona Beach Bandshell’s Summer Concert Series, one of the east coast’s premier events.

Comprised of seasoned, touring musicians, 4NR2 is one of the best tributes there is. (It doesn’t hurt that the material is great, either!)

Billy D. Lindley

Billy D. Lindley
Lindley comes from a long line of musicians and has been performing professionally since he was a kid. An accomplished guitar player as well as a consummate front-man, his passion is evident the moment you meet him; he simply refuses to settle for mediocrity.



Jeff Winters

Jeff cites Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones as a major influence on him and it shows. A tribute veteran and all-around nice guy, Jeff. rocks the house.





A music-industry veteran, Miguel does it all. From writing to producing to performing, and everything in between, his rock-solid approach to 4NR2 fits like a glove.




Jeff Crofford

Jeff Crofford
Multi-keys maestro JeffC adds technical wizardry to the smooth synth pads Foreigner pioneered.






Eddie Gresely

Eddie is a singer-songwriter that also happens to be a great drummer, which suits the band just fine. He is usually the high voice of the well-crafted harmonies in the Foreigner material.